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CPNA January 27, 2022 Minutes

CPNA Minutes for January 27, 2022

Call to order by President Jason Butterick at 6:40 pm

Updates & Consent Agenda

Oct 2021 minutes - Unavailable for approval. Decatur Police Crimestoppers Officer Tucker Tool was here

Treasurers’ Report - Checking Account balance at first mid 349.11 - ordered new checks; Account at community foundation around 500

III. Program - none; possible is inviting Officer Tool every other month for crime prevention.

IV. Old Business -

Calendar of events passed out for 2022; speak with Beautify Decatur Coalition and City of Decatur about placing some permanent trash can on the corner of prairie & 22nd on both sides. Jason will figure out who to contact. Jason talked with EllenHearn from Decatur Block by Block. A new grant for tree plantings are available

The City of Decatur recently approved a pilot project for residential rehabilitation through the Land Bank. They are actively seeking property candidates for this work.

We need to get new Clokey park neighborhood signs for different intersections. Hopefully in the spring.

We have new neighbors at 1853 E Prairie. At Witt & Prairie, two rental houses have been improved and repaired and appear to be vacant at this time.

VI. Calendar/Announcements

The next meeting is on February 24th at 6:30 pm.

VII. Adjournment

We adjourned at 7:30 pm.


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