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Working Together Towards a Sustainable Community

By maintaining and preserving our neighborhood, we’re helping improve our residents’ lives. Elected by residents themselves, our quality community leaders help guarantee everyone’s well being. Clokey Park Neighborhood is also fully transparent, and our residents have a say in all major decisions. We’re enhancing community living, one resident at a time.

Residential Services Directory

City of Decatur Information Line 217-424-2700

Building Permits & Inspections

The City of Decatur’s Building Inspections division is responsible for reviewing architectural building plans, issuing permits and performing inspections of any new construction projects (Residential and Commercial) occurring within the corporate limits of City of Decatur. Inspection of structural aspects, electric systems, plumbing systems, mechanical systems and any other life/ safety related items are included in this process.

Neighborhood Inspections

The Division of Neighborhood Inspections is committed to working with the citizens of Decatur to provide a better quality of life. This division becomes necessary when conditions in the neighborhood become detrimental to the cleanliness and overall appearance of the neighborhood.

The standards set forth and adopted by the Decatur City Council are initiated to maintain a healthy and safe environment for the families living here. Neighborhood Inspections enforces the National Property Maintenance Code and the Local City Ordinances. This Enforcement is necessary to preserve the city’s neighborhoods and lead to revitalization efforts.

With the combined efforts of the Neighborhood Service Officers and the Division Administrator this division makes itself available to address the City of Decatur’s neighborhood concerns.

Garbage Service

Our neighborhood garbage services are provided through Advanced Disposal and Waste Management. Advanced Disposal serves the area west of 19th Street and along East Eldorado to 19th Street. Waste Management serves the area east of 19th Street. 

Both services pick up garbage, recycling, and yard waste on Wednesdays.

Bulk Items (Furniture/Mattresses, etc.) pickup must be arranged in advance.

Yard Waste services are by request only during the months of November-March. 

Advanced Disposal Phone: 217-429-0020

Waste Management Phone: 800-796-9696

For questions/and service issues: 

Water/Sewer Services

Lead Based Paint

Most of the housing built in the Clokey Park neighborhood was built prior to 1978. Lead-based paint was widely used until it was banned in 1978. Lead from paint, chips, or dust can pose serious health hazards if not taken care of properly, especially to children under 6.. Blood tests for lead exposure are available through the Macon County Health Department - 1221 E Condit Street.

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